Oriental astrologers come to Jerusalem seeking Christ (Matthew 2:1‐12)

Chapter 2 of Matthew records an incident that happened sometime after the birth of Christ involving oriental astrologers, having been lead by a star, coming to Jerusalem to worship the Christ.

Oriental astrologers come to Herod seeking the Messiah

Three oriental scientist or astrologers came to king Herod in Jerusalem asking for the Messiah. These were men who the studied the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies and interpreted as having an influence on human affairs and the natural world. They said that they had seen Christ’s star and they had come to worship Him.

These words troubled Herod and as the word spread in Jerusalem, so was the rest of the city. I understand that Herod saw the Messiah as a political threat and so he was troubled. However, why was the rest of the city troubled?  Had the Messiah taken so long to come that unbelief had filled the Jews? Has Christ taken so long to return that unbelief has crept into our hearts today?

Herod interrogated the chief priest, scribes and visiting astrologers concerning the Messiah

Herod then gathered the chief priest and scribes and, based on a prophecy in the old testament, they told him that the Messiah was to be born in Bethlehem. He then questioned the visiting men to ascertain when exactly the Christ was born and asked them to report to him after they found the boy. Herod claimed that it was so that he could worship the Christ but we later find out that this was not the case.

The astrologers find the Messiah and worship him

The astrologers continued to follow the star that had led them that far and they found Christ and they rejoiced greatly. They went into the house over which the star has settled and found Mary and the boy. They worshipped him and presented him with gifts. God warned them not to return to Herod and so they went back to their home using a different route.

From this account, I learn that the truth of the Gospel and Christ will be revealed to those that seek to worship God. Their faith will be increased. However, those that have unbelief will see signs and great works but these will be meaningless to them.


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