The coming of Christ’s Kingdom and judgement (Isaiah 2:1‐22)

Isaiah prophesied concerning the coming of the kingdom of God. While those that seek righteousness will find comfort and guidance in His light, the wicked will flee from it in terror.

Isaiah prophesieth the coming of Christ’s Kingdom.

World peace is only achievable through subjection to Christ.

The kingdom of God will be established in days to come and all the nations will be drawn to it. The people will come seeking to know God and His will. In this kingdom, God will judge the nations and there will no longer be wars between people. The instruments of war will be turned into farming tools.

World peace will not come through international treaties, technological development, economic equalisation or philosophies. It can only come through the power and righteous judgement of Jesus Christ.

Wickedness is the cause of God’s forsaking Judah and Jerusalem.

Disobedience to God results in a degraded life. 

Going back to the present time Isaiah said that God’s people had become wicked and turned to methods of divinations used by other nations. The people were prosperous and had come to depend on gold, silver, horse and chariots more than they depended on God. They had turned to idols and worshipped the works of their own hand and in their wickedness, the people had been cheapened and humiliated.

In Jeremiah 2:5 we read, “Thus says the LORD, “What injustice did your fathers find in Me, That they went far from Me And walked after emptiness and became empty?” Worshiping anything other than the living God leads to emptiness and a worthless existence.

He calls the people to fear, because of the powerful effects of God’s majesty.

God is the only one worthy of glory and praise.

The people are to flee in fear from the radiance of God’s magnificence because God is against everything that is proud, arrogantly superior and disdainful. It shall all be brought down and only God shall remain raised. The people will find their idols useless and forsake them as they flee from the awe-inspiring God. The prophet concludes by asking us to stop looking to humanity that has got no power over its own breath.

In an attempt to remove God from our consciousness we have exalted ourselves, other human being and things. We have bought into the lie the serpent used when tempting Eve where he said, “you will become like Elohim.” But the scripture always reminds us that there is a day that is coming on which our delusions will be expelled and we will know without a doubt that there is only one true God and we are His creation.


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