Bad leadership was judgment for Judah’s sins (Isaiah 3:1‐4:1)

The aim of this passage is to get us to understand that a society’s sin will lead to the taking away of good leadership and this will be replaced by a leadership that is entitled and only cares for itself.

God will take away good leadership from Judah (Isa 3:1-12)

God is the provider of good government.

God would take away the food and water supply that sustains Judah and He would also take way all the people who have propped up or supported the society. He would make the inexperienced youth and the immoral to be their rulers. People would treat each other unjustly, the elderly would be treated by the young with disrespect and the those that should be ashamed would disrespect the distinguished. These people of Judah have been led to a point where children and women rule over them. Men could not provide leadership in their families.

Being a leader would not depend on character or wisdom but on the amount of money a person has.

The people of Judah had brought all these on themselves because, through their words and action, they had deliberately sought to defy God’s majesty. Rather than be ashamed, they boasted of their sins.  So the righteous would reap good and the wicked would reap evil.

How has your society’s closeness or distance from God affected its leadership? How can you pray for your society? In what way’s is God calling you to be a godly influence in your society?

God will judge the new ruling class that was oppressing the poor. Both the men and women (Isa 3:13-4:1)

God holds leaders responsible for their action. 

Despite that fact that it was God who let these evil leaders come to power, God would challenge and judge the ruling class for their oppression and impoverishment of the poor. Jesus in Matthew 18:7 says, “Woe to the world because of offenses! For it is necessary that offenses come; but woe to that man by whom the offense comes!” Just because these people were being used to punish a sinful nation did not mean that they were innocent.

God would also bring judgment on the women who had become immoral, and arrogant. He would take way their physical beauty, bring shame onto them, and take away all the things that they used to adorn themselves. Their men on the other end would be killed by their enemies and these women would be left emptied and mourning.

How have you been a shepherd to the people who God has given you to lead (at work, your family, in church e.t.c)? How have you failed? How could you pray for help in being better?


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