Jericho destroyed except for Rahab and spoiles devoted to God (Joshua 6:1‐27)

The aim of this passage is to cause us to learn how Israel took Jericho miraculously and spared Rahab and her family.

God instructs Joshua that Israel would take Jericho by marching around it for seven days and Joshua implements the plan. (Jos 6:1-14)

God always offers sinners a grace period to repent.

Jericho was locked down because of Israel. God said to Joshua that He had given Jericho, its king and mighty warriors to Israel. He told Joshua that all men of military age would march around the city once a day for six days. Seven priests will carry seven trumpets of ram’s horns and the ark. On the seventh day, Israel would match around the city seven times and the priests would blow the trumpets. When the priest would make a long blast with the trumpets, the people would shout, the walls would fall down flat and they would go in.

Joshua gave the instructions to the priests and the military and they did as they were instructed. Joshua instructed them to be silents while they matched until he instructed otherwise. The priests and the military marched around the city once a day in silence except for the blowing of the trumpets for six days.

Jericho had heard of the work of God and they were afraid. For seven day they had an opportunity to seek Him and submit to His will but they did not. In Ezekiel 18: 23 we read, “Have I any pleasure in the death of the wicked, declares the Lord GOD, and not rather that he should turn from his way and live?“. We also read in 2 Peter 3:9-10, “The Lord isn’t slow to keep his promise, as some think of slowness, but he is patient toward you, not wanting anyone to perish but all to change their hearts and lives. But the day of the Lord will come like a thief. On that day the heavens will pass away with a dreadful noise, the elements will be consumed by fire, and the earth and all the works done on it will be exposed.

How have you experienced God’s patience in your life?

Jericho is destroyed on the seventh day, the people are instructed not to take anything for themselves, and Rahab and those in her house are spared. (Jos 6:15-27)

God will spare everyone who comes to Him through Jesus Christ.

The city and everything in it would be devoted to God. Only Rahab and those in her house would escape because the sheltered the two Israelite spies. The Israelites were not to take anything for themselves or they would be cursed. All items of silver, gold, bronze and iron were to go into the treasury of God.

On the seventh day, they rose up early and marched around the city seven times. The seventh time around the city, the priest blew the trumpets and Joshua told the people to shout because God had given them the city. The people shouted, the walls fell and they took the city. They killed all the people, and animals in the city. They Israelites burnt the city down and all the silver, gold, bronze and iron items were put into God’s treasury.

Joshua commanded the two spies to go and bring Rahab and all the was in her house out of the city. They brought Rahab, and her father, and her mother, and her sibling, and all that she had in her house out of the city. Rahab and her family were saved and they were still in Israel at the time of the writing.

Joshua cursed whoever would try to rebuild the city. It was fulfilled in 1 Kings 16:34 where we read, “In his days Hiel of Bethel built Jericho. He laid its foundation at the cost of Abiram his firstborn, and set up its gates at the cost of his youngest son Segub, according to the word of the LORD, which he spoke by Joshua the son of Nun.“. God was with Joshua and his fame spread.

Jesus in John 6:37-39 says, “All that the Father gives me will come to me, and whoever comes to me I will never cast out. For I have come down from heaven, not to do my own will but the will of him who sent me. And this is the will of him who sent me, that I should lose nothing of all that he has given me, but raise it up on the last day.” Everyone who was in Rahab’s home was saved. Everyone. Her house was an excellent analogy of Christ Jesus because all that come to Him will be saved.

What is keeping you from coming wholly to Christ Jesus?




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