The oppressive Israelites and proud Assyrians would be punished (Isaiah 10:1‐19)

Those that oppress the helpless will be helpless when faced with God’s wrath (Isa 10:1-4)

God is just and seeks justice for the helpless

Condemned are the people that give false witness and device schemes intended to rob and deny justice to the helpless. The wicked people will have no escape from the wrath of God. They would die or be taken as prisoners and after all this, their misery still would not end.

The Assyrian that God used to punished the Israelites would themselves be punished for their pride (Isa 10:5-19)

God is sovereign over all people

Condemned is Assyria, through who God brought His wrath. He sent them to destroy the Israelites but they didn’t understand that they are carrying out God’s judgment. They boast of the prowess of their military officers and that in the same way they had destroyed other nations and cities, they would destroy Jerusalem.

God declared that after He had used the Assyrians to do His work on Jerusalem, He would punish them for their pride. God would punish them for attributing their victories to themselves. A tool can not magnify itself against the person who is wielding it. God would, therefore, destroy the Assyrian warriors. He would destroy all of them in one day. Both their bodies and souls and so few will be left that a child could count them.